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Giorgi on DVD
The Pianist Anthology: Giorgi Latsabidze


The Pianist Anthology


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 21, K.467

Giorgi Latsabidze, Piano
David L. Wen, Conductor
Hsinchu Chamber Orchestra, Taiwan

DVD Cover Mozart Piano Concerto N. 21, K. 467

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Giorgi Latsabidze in Concert:
F. Chopin: "24 Preludes" - R. Schumann: "Kreisleriana"
DVD-Cover Giorgi Latsabidze in Concert: Chopin; Schumann

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"Nothing, though, matches the inspiration of a live concert. Giorgi Latsabidze interprets Schumann & Chopin with clean, modern splendor that defies pigeon-holing. His poignant poetic lyricism and singing tone make you forget that piano's a percussion instrument. This performance affords a wealth of fabulous pianism that combines stunning technique, profound musical understanding and brilliant interpretive insight. Giorgi Latsabidze, among the most brilliant virtuoso pianists of the new generation - brings his sensitive interpretations, glittering bravura and passion for music during his performances"

The IG Duo

Live Performance from Wigmore Hall, London 2010

The IG Duo - Performance from Wigmore Hall The IG Duo - Performance from Wigmore Hall

Irmina Trynkos (violin) | Giorgi Latsabidze (piano)
50 minutes, NTSC

Live performance at Wigmore Hall, London UK on October 4th 2010. Produced by Red Piranha Films LLC, directed by Oscar Torres. Camera operators: Daniel Gonzalez, Ronan Sweeney. Short description: Although temperamentally quite different, both Irmina Trynkos and Giorgi Latsabidze enjoyed stellar careers as violin and pianos virtuosos, touring widely and thrilling audiences with their astonishing virtuosity and innate showmanship.These two extraordinary artists wholly individual, representing a synergistic combination from some of the most compelling personalities in classical music. They are alternatively fierce, despairing, and exultant. The two musicians are in perfect accord here and this recording brought great joy to this listener. Irmina trynkos and Giorgi Latsabidze form a true partnership, playing off of each other and imbuing the music with a genuine, conversational quality that's very fetching. Lyricism and an effortless, singing cantabile also permeate the music, and these interpretations. Moreover, crystal-clear sound, elegant and imaginative phrasing, thrilling technique and immense sensitivity makes this recording stunning!

Here are some impressions of the concert:

Video 1 - "Cyber Moment"
Video 2 - Szymanowski: Sonata for violin and piano, Op.9
Video 3 - J. Brahms: Scherzo in C Minor from F.A.E.
Video 4 - Franz Waxman: Carmen Fantasie

DVD of Giorgi's Concert in Taiwan
Taiwan DVD

Charity gala concert for disabled children. 2300 people including music teachers and students from all over Taiwan attended and celebrated Giorgi's masterful playing. At the end of the concert Mr. Latsabidze played the National Anthem of Taiwan and gave out signatures for 1½ hours.

Here are some impressions of the event:

Video 1
(Theme of Schindler's List)
Video 2
(Giorgi playing the piano backwards)

Debussy Preludes

Debussy Preludes
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Latsabidze - The Recital Front Latsabidze - The Recital Back

Latsabidze - The Recital
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Giorgi Latsabidze: On the trail of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Giorgi Latsabidze Trail of Mozart DVD K-TV DVD Label

60 minutes, NTSC
On the trail of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
(Auf den Spuren von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

DVD documentary on Latsabidze in Salzburg, Austria, produced by K-TV Austria LLC, 2005. Directed by Klaus Fruhstorfer and Franz Gangl; includes Latsabidze portrait and recital recorded in Steinway Hall in Salzburg, Austria.

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Giorgi on CD
CD - Giorgi Latso plays Chopin: 4 Scherzi

Giorgi Latso plays...
Chopin: 4 Scherzi
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CD - Giorgi Latso plays Bach, Poulenc, Chopin, Rachmaninoff

Giorgi Latso plays...
Bach | Poulenc | Chopin | Rachmaninoff
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Ignatz Waghalter: Violin Concerto

Ignatz Waghalter: Violin Concerto, Rhapsodie, Violin Sonata
Irmina Trynkos | Giorgi Latsabidze | Royal Philharmonic Orchestra | Alexander Walker
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Giorgi Latsabidze Mozart CD Front

Giorgi Latsabidze in Concert:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - The Collection
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Giorgi Latsabidze Beethoven CD Front

Giorgi Latsabidze in Concert:
Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Concerto No.5 - "Emperor"
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Giorgi Latsabidze Rachmaninov CD Front

Giorgi Latsabidze & Jansug Kakhidze
Sergei Rachmaninov - Piano Concerto No. 3
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Giorgi Latsabidze Mozart Chopin Dvorak CD Front

Giorgi Latsabidze & Hsinchu Chamber Orchestra:
W.A.Mozart - Piano Concerto No.21 in C Major, K.467
Frédéric Chopin - Cello Sonata in G minor, Op.65
Antonin Dvorák - Bagatelles, Op. 47

Giorgi Latsabidze in Concert: Chopin; Schumann

Giorgi Latsabidze in Concert:
F. Chopin: "24 Preludes" - R. Schumann: "Kreisleriana"
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Transposer & Transcriber CD Cover

Giorgi Latsabidze: The Transposer & Transcriber
Rhapsody Library Records
Release Date: 2011
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Debussy Preludes Volume 2 CD Cover

Giorgi Latsabidze: Debussy Preludes Volume 2
Onward Entertainment LLC
Release date: 2010
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Brahms Piano Quintet F minor CD Cover

Johannes Brahms: The Piano Quintet in F minor, Op.34
Simeonov | Chen | Potts | Mezzo | Latsabidze
38 minutes, 4 tracks
Michael Hurb Production LLC Studio
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Schumann & Debussy CD Cover

Schumann: Frauenliebe- und Leben; Debussy: Ariettes oubliées
Giorgi Latsabidze (piano) | Callista Hoffman (mezzo) | Su Xiaobo (soprano)
45 minutes, 14 tracks. IG Initiatives LLC 2009
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Twilight's Grace

Giorgi Latsabidze has written the Music for the film "Twilight's Grace" by Jeremy Gram Weaver (Onward Entertainment)

Twilight's Grace follows Norman (Adams), a recently widowed elderly man, who must confront the effects of losing his life partner. Dismissing isolation, he enters a mysterious world of romance, tenderness, and warmth which he fears as well as needs.
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Trailer (Quicktime):

Twilight's Grace - One Last Fairytale

Twilight's Grace was sponsored by Panavision and allowed the use of Panavision's Cameras and Lenses. The film was shot on Super 16mm. Aspect ratio 1.85

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